Maui Newspaper

The Maui Islands, the second largest within the group of Hawaiian Islands, is a rapidly developing piece of land in all respects. Since the last few years, Maui has been witnessing a fast paced growth in terms of both population and economy.

As a matter of fact, the economic state of Maui is better than the remaining parts of the Hawaiian Islands. The rate of unemployment is very low, and more importantly, it is ever decreasing. The educational level of the land is also highly appreciative. No wonder there are so many good quality Maui newspaper published that play a major role in creating a socially aware mass in the region.

Maui News Homepage

There are several Maui newspaper publications, each with their own set of special features. There are several online Maui newspaper editions besides the usual paper printed Maui newspaper ones. One such prominent online Maui newspaper is the Maui News Homepage. It serves as the store house for news regarding all sorts of happenings in and around the region.

Pacific Business News

Another of the most popular online Maui newspaper is the Pacific Business News. You can register here for free to get access to the host of news items to remain updated about the happenings in and around Maui. As the name of this online paper suggests, this primarily caters to the business oriented queries of the people. You can get to know about the present condition of each and every industry and company in this piece of land. This site also helps one with information regarding other finance related issues like the ups and downs in mortgage rate, interest hikes/lows for credit cards, etc. and so many other related issues.

West Hawaii Today

Another online Maui newspaper is the West Hawaii Today. They have the thoughtful caption of “Our Island, Your Voice”. Truly, this online newspaper lends space to the voice of the people of the region, connecting the local thought with the global happenings.

Maui News

Apart from this, there are also several traditional paper printed Maui newspapers. One such significant newspaper is the Maui News. This particular newspaper is published thrice every week. All sorts of local happenings are regularly reported in this paper. Apart from the local news, the Maui News also reports the sports events, weather reports, and a detailed range of obituaries, wedding announcements, and a wide variety of classified ads.

Maui Weekly

The Maui Weekly, as the name itself suggests, is one of the leading Maui newspapers that is published once every week. There is always great anticipation among the locales on the Thursday mornings, as this paper is published every Thursday. A good thing about this particular Maui newspaper is it is distributed for free at several parts of the island.

Local Maui newspaper publications

There are also several local Maui newspaper publications like the Lahaina News which covers the western parts of Maui, along with the Lahaina town. Another such local but important newspaper is the Haleakala Times that covers the news of the upcountry Maui and Makawao. The newspaper is published from the Paia town.

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