Maui Jims

Marking its beginning as a small enterprise in the early days of the 1980s, Maui Jims has gradually climbed the ladder to success and stature. Today Maui Jim has built a name worth mention for itself as one of the leading names in sunglass manufacturing industry.

Initially, this business house fared as just any other company it the field. Powerful management skills and better insight about consumer preferences made all the difference and today Maui Jims has turned out to be one of the giants in the industry.

There are numerous varieties of Maui Jims sunglasses out there in the market, with their individualistic styles and looks. There are some unique features that belong only to Maui Jims. This uniqueness makes all the difference and makes Maui Jims stand out among the host of brands in the market.

Maui Jim sunglasses offer customers numerous benefits:

  • Through extensive researches, Maui Jim now designs sun glasses with so many several patterns of frames that perfectly suit all kinds of facial structures. That means, there are perfectly fitting sun glasses for every possible kind of facial structure. That enables each face to look attractive with these glasses on.
  • Apart from the designing aspect of the glasses, the most significant thing for any pair of glasses is the lens. Maui Jims glasses use Polycarbonate as the material for making the lens. This is an extremely light weighted substance. To add to it, they are also highly durable. Not only this much with the lens. There is a high quality Clearshell coating applied to the lens that makes it quite tough and resistant from scratches. This particular feature is not that easy to find among other sun glass companies.
  • The frames of Maui Jim sun glasses are built purposely without rims. That helps the user to have an unobstructed view. Maui Jims employs the special benefits of Polarized Plus technology. It has high resolution anti-glare properties. That makes these glasses ideal for tough handling in the sand, surfs or even in the snow.
  • The frames have scientifically designed air vents. That enables proper circulation of air so that they remain free from the common problem of fogging or other sorts of inconveniences. He nose of the Maui Jim sun glasses use good quality rubber to prevent any sort of discomfort for the wearer.
  • There are some categories of glasses that employ the Grilamid technology. Thus the frame can be bent any way as one wish, nullifying the possibility of the glasses getting easily broken or damaged.

Since the Maui Jims Sun glasses have built such a strong name for themselves in the Maui Jim market, no wonder there are host of replica glasses out there. Each of them makes tall claims. But, quite naturally, none of those brands come even closer to what an original Maui Jims piece has on offer for you. May be a replica ill cost you a little less? But then, I don’t think you would like to compromise with the quality. After all, it’s a matter “for you eyes only”… isn’t it?

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